Sunday, January 16, 2011

Thesis Statement Ideas

1.       Gambling in professional sports is a major problem and should be addressed more often.
a.       Gambling in sports creates an ethical problem among athletes.
b.      Overseas betting makes it easier for professional athletes to gamble and creates a tug and pull effect for players.
c.       Athletes with gambling problems have less of a chance of getting help because they face extreme repurcusions in their own games for gambling.

2.        Performance enhancing drugs carry a heavy load of problems when matched with the world’s best athletes.
a.       Health issues
b.      Ethical Issues
c.       Gives professional sports no basis for what is humanly possible.

3.        Since the mid 1950’s the family dynamic has undergone a drastic change and these changes are effecting society greatly.
a.       Statistically, children coming from a broken home earn lower grades.
b.      Teenagers in single parent families are three times more likely to need psychological help.
c.       Children studied six years from an experienced divorce still report feeling “lonely, unhappy, anxious, and insecure.”

4.       Horseracing for years has been the subject of scrutiny for the inhumane treatment of horses and the unhealthy lifestyles associated with being a jockey.
a.       Statistics show horse fatality rates in horse racing are significantly higher than any other activity involving horses.
b.      Jockeys are required to stay under certain weight restrictions and often times use unhealthy practices to achieve these weights.
c.       Drugs are a major problem inside the jockey society.

5.       Plant hybridization although innovative many times produces species that throw off nature’s balance.
a.       Hybrid plants overtake native species.
b.      Super plants while popular are often times transferred along to places they are not intended to travel.
c.       Animals cannot evolve fast enough to catch up with the hybrid plants.

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